About us

Maria Gomes

Practice meditation and yoga for 20 years. Become aware of your body, your breathing in order to gain energy and a more positive approach to life.


Catherine Van Thielen

I am at the same time a table decorator, a creator of atmospheres, a fan of contemporary and conceptual art, a designer, a video director, a sculptor.


Why renting decoration?

"Decoration is recycled to follow cycles! "

I strive to use solid, high-quality objects so that I can reuse them for many other occasions and reduce my environmental footprint and waste.

This idea of ​​recycling the elements of a decoration was one of the foundations and drivers of my project, because the centerpieces follow the "cycle" of trends, which dictate the choice of people.

Based on these trends and my lifestyle, by crossing my intuitions, my ideas, my readings, and unusual products found after long research or unearthed simply at the turn of a walk, I create decorations.

Trends change, my intuitions, my ideas and my readings evolve, and my decorations must also adapt. I need to be able to reuse, modify elements or materials. I must also be able to transform an object, or be able to integrate it into several decorations, in order to follow the wishes of my customers.

It also means that I have no choice but to work with artificial flowers, because despite their negative environmental impact, they offer the flexibility to be reused and modified to create new decorations. They also allow to propose a decoration with flowers at a reasonable budget.

To conclude, my decorations are not fixed in time, but are in perpetual renewal. They are inspired by past decorations, while following the latest trends, always maintaining the unique style of Dine in Style.

Catherine Van Thielen