Good morning all,

Here are some pictures of our first one-day workshop, in which meditation, yoga and art became one. In a relaxed atmosphere, students began the day with an introduction to various forms of breathing and the setting in motion of basic postures of yoga. They then continued with a meditation on the theme of openness to the world and knowledge of the mechanism of thought.

A delicious lunch was planned, respecting the philosophy of well-being of the day and aiming to become aware of what we eat (in this case, a pumpkin soup and a composition of salads accompanied by different tapas, made with locals products). The students finished with a tea accompanied by a small piece of dark chocolate cake.

We started the afternoon with the practice of body scan, and continued with an artistic workshop focused on the perception by the eye of a specific Bach flower, in order to shake the perception of the eye in the real word . To finish the day, we discussed the meaning of the traits and the artistic rendering of each, with of course the consideration of the therapeutic aspect of the plant.

Thanks again to the group for sharing this wonderful day!


Workshops meditation:

Lunch - Green love

*** Cream of ginger squash ***

Following my recipes for meditative workshops, you will have the chance to taste!

A velvety rich in vitamin A, It helps the production of enzymes that produce neurotransmitters like dopamine and others for memory, mood and learning with ginger because the weather is c.... !! ! I wanted to present the dish with radiant colors !!! Conclusion a real treat and a good dose for morale ... courage

Next week, we talk about detox !!! good weekend

Here is the recipe:

For 4 bowls

• 650 g squash

• 200 ml of vegetable milk

• 200 ml of water

• ½ onion

• 1 CS ginger

• Olive oil

• Salt

o To accompany:

o Pepper

o Fine slices of toast

o Olive oil

o Creamy vegetable cheese

Workshops meditation:

Lunch - Green love

During our workshops, I will have the pleasure to concoct a series of dishes, previously discussed with Maria and carefully selected so that the day is the lightest and the most pleasant possible as a whole.

Because everything is connected, what you eat will permeate everything else, whether it's your beauty regimen or your approach to life in general.

The Green revolution is already here: vegetables are starring in restaurants, organic stores are multiplying and esoteric words like "chia" or "spirulina" are more and more common. Maybe more in Brussels than in my countryside area. I find it difficult to find a "Chyl" or a "Tich" in Villers-la-Ville or nearby.

So, I will do it myself and I will present my dishes on social networks and in your taste buds during our workshops.

Here is my first dish: zucchini tagliatelle with fresh herbs and quinoa, with a note on the different ingredients.

Each herb has its nutritional properties, so varying them, even if all are rich in chlorophyll, facilitate the digestion and elimination of toxins, not to mention their scent that stimulate the brain.

Quinoa, a cereal that has existed for more than 5,000 years (the Incas called it "chisiya mama", which means in Quechua "mother of all grains"), is easy to prepare, naturally gluten-free, easy to digest, rich in protein and packed with vitamins, nutrients and essential amino acids.

Finally, this dish is decorated with zucchini present in the form of tagliatelle with ricotta, parmesan and walnuts.

I present the other dishes very quickly!


Christmas 2018

The joy of decorating Christmas ..

Here is my outdoor Christmas decoration for this year. Looking at the pictures, I tell myself that I remain very traditional in the colors: red or white.

I created anarcade of fir branches, to which I came hang red balls, some accessories and a fixture. A few hours of work anyway, in order to avoid as much as the fixing does not too much damage to the wall but assuring a certain solidity in front of the wind.

For my part, I find the result successful. I thank already the owners of the wall for having me »rent »their wall and granted their trust ...

Let's continue our way, with some crowns always with red balls of the same range, as well as a few balls on my trees that have lost all their leaves !! Finally, I came to cover my flower boxes with the same decoration as my arcade.

So, why decorate the outside will you tell me?

The goal is openness, sharing ... and seeing big.

If at least one child notices the wall and feels joy, I'm more than happy. And it also allows to give ideas to some who would like to put something, but do not know what, and finally to share some of what we have ...

I hope this will give you ideas for your decoration, do not hesitate to share !!!



Japan never considers time spent as lost time.

On the contrary, it's time invested.

Take the time to share an experience with others and create an atmosphere as you go. Whether at a brunch, lunch, dinner.

Here, I share with you my little creation this weekend, which I named my « Belgian tea », inspired by my short stay in England this summer! It was an opportunity to share a cup of tea (see more coffee at home) with the family and, in doing so, to show gratitude and hospitality. Accompanied by a very sober but sparkling decoration by the color, with Belgian pastries, all indirectly contributed to the general atmosphere of the moment.

When I receive, I forget the daily pressures of work and family, which faint. It helps me to realize that human beings are only part of life, and that we have to look at things as a whole to put it in perspective, each time in a unique and special atmosphere.

That's how we should all travel and welcome back!



For those who have the joy of being parents, the Saint-Nicolas is almost impossible to miss!

I used to organize the Saint-Nicolas with a friend, sharing the organisation. This year,it's my turn, and for the occasion we asked Saint Nicolas to come home for the distribution of gifts! Total excitement for the children and the joy of parents.

And obviously I can not do without my cute sin, a beautiful table decoration. I was inspired by the color of my Chirstmas' tree, in white, with the accessories you see in the photos. I wanted simple and sparkling at the same time, because I had to keep a certain place to have the 5 quiches cooked by me !! It was a pure moment of joy, sharing and beautiful atmosphere.

Hoping that you do the same ...



Today we talk about my love of table decoration!

Last week, I was thrilled because I had two events to decorate, one, a wedding, and the other, my birthday! As for the wedding, I prefer to wait for the validation of the pictures, so patience a post will come! But in the meantime, I share with you the decoration for my birthday.

The basic rule for me when I realize a table is that it must be a reflection of the person / persons, whether via a choice of themes, an atmosphere or a color, or an object . Here, on this table, we can guess that I love flowers, with a woody atmosphere that reminds me of the forest, and the glittery side for the party atmosphere. I opted for the barbecue, so my logs were used as sub-dishes! A semblance of picnic mastered as I love them so much, everyone uses as they please !! In addition the sun was of the party, which generated many nice reflections of colors.

I have always been raised with the idea of « celebrating birthdays », my mother was trying hard to please everyone in order to each of us has its table and cake and to be honored, so I think naturally I like that!

I hope you like it and see you soon for other tablesetting!



I had the pleasure to discover, during a private visit, the Art works belonging to the company Lhoist in Limelette, Belgium.

The visit organized by the curator made us travel in photographic art, with wonderful stories about each of the artists, but also through a series of sculptures that I share here.

My favorite is Louise Bourgeois's spider, both for the sculpture itself, but also for the story that surrounds it. A very nice collection that gave me some ideas!

See you soon...



Hello to you,

We start the holidays with, for my part, a move!

We leave Brussels to settle in the countryside! Changing of style and athmosphere, like any decorative addict, I am rethinking the decoration of the house.

I started with the hall: you will find a montage of fluorescent plexiglas plates that I like very much because it is the first wall that you see when you enter in the house, and I wanted something of peps idea! I would like as soon as possible to complete this with two other walls decorated in the same optics with Plexiglas, but worked differently!

Then we arrive in a main hall, for which I remained faithful to the white color of the walls in order to highlight my creations. For this hall, i wanted to place a sound of Family's photo corner!

On your right, you will find a history of my family in black and white, ranging from the birth of my children until today ... a kind of trip back in time.

With the help of my teacher Jacqueline Witz ( ), I also realized a beautiful « polaroid » montage that you will find on the back wall. He sums up the day of my wedding in one frame. I had established this activity for all my guests, and I must say that they all had fun... and I wanted to highlight them! However, I do not really like the « cheap » look of polaroids, so I wanted to enhance it with a white all over and a black wood frame with a glass finish.

Of course, I wanted to do it alone, but the result was indecent and I could not cut myself, so I dropped this project. Two and a half years later, I talk to Jacqueline, who motivates me to bring out the project. This has earned me cutting hours (more or less 12 hours), not counting the calculations to place the polaroids horizontally and vertically, and finally the frame!

Every morning, I am delighted to pass in my hall that boosts me for my day. Thanks again to Jacqueline for helping me for this wonderful project!

I make you discover the other works next weeks !!!



Hello to you,

Today, I'm talking about the framing techniqque called « American », which a friend kindly gave me the idea for one of his beautiful pictures of leopard, and that I also tested on my « Belgian » series!!

Of course, I went to see Jacqueline ( ), who trained me to carry out the framing and I explain the steps with some pictures.

For the photo of the leopard, the frame is raised, which implies a superposition of two frames of different sizes. By cons, in my series « Belgian », I presented it in the form of a framing!

After, it is the preferences and tastes of everyone who play, but what is fantastic is the technique! The touch of a wood essence, which Jacqueline has a wide choice, whether in terms of thickness, design ... (several minutes to try the essence that will marry best to our supports). And saw cutting, chassis assembly, structural reinforcement, painting and reassembly! A nice puzzle that gives me a great satisfaction that I share with you !!

See you soon !



Last week was a sad week of mourning. We suffered two deaths, which made me fall into a sad silence, and I plunged into my art to overcome those emotions.

I wanted to create floral montages for the two beings who left us. Even if there were many things to do and if buying flowers would have been faster and easier, I decided to put everything in hold and devote myself to the realization of these two florals creation.

Which made me ask myself a question: why do you want to do it yourself?

First, my feeling: throughout the creative process, there is a deep reflection on the person, one loving butterflies and the other playing guitar. When composing each florals creation, I naturally thought of them, being convinced that they would have loved it.

Second, the sweetness of natural flowers, with which unfortunately I do not work much. To be able to rent the decorations, my compositions are in artificial flowers, unless the customer specifically asks to have a composition of natural flowers for single use. The natural flowers exude a sense of peace and nostalgia, and also the pride of having created one last thing for the person.

Finally, I am someone extremely demanding. In the past, I used to go to the florist, but I can not bear less and less that the composition is swollen with greenery, while I want flowers! There is obviously a financial aspect for a bouquet, but sometimes I have the impression that some people are taking advantage of it! For my montages, I had fun removing each leaf and each piece of greenery: I wanted the flowers to be pure and grandiose, and I only placed greenery at the ends, in order to hide my support.

I must say that the result is at the rendez vous and gives an impression of sweetness in their memory



Why did I paint the Buddha Master?

During my usual reflexology session at Maria place ( , I had the sudden desire to paint a Buddha master that Maria doesn't stop to look at it, but which for my own taste, the illustration is a little too small.

I decided then, to reproduce it in painting, whereas today it finds in the form of a tapestry.

I do not usually paint Buddhas, neither paint in this kind of tones.

I quickly realized the complexity of the painting with the many details that must be represented and whose meaning, I do not know. Also, the work of mixing colors to achieve similar tones to the original.

I worked during school hours and in the evening, which earned me 8 intense days during which I constantly wondered why I had decided to embark on this work.

I think it helped me to understand that it is possible to stop and think differently, at a time when my series took the majority of my time and where I was in a negative spiral that pushed me towards a bad result. Drawing something completely different and new may help me indirectly improve my EU-Pop Art Food series.

This painting may have also been triggered by fear, because Maria, being in her permanent quest for her spiritual path, kept telling me that she would soon follow another voice. So I was afraid to go on without her !!

When I submitted her painting to Maria, we, of course had a long discussion about all my feelings during these 8 days ... and to conclude, she confided to me that she would always have time for me .... Thank you Master Buddha, the work is exposed in her cabinet!


Fruit trees

It's been a longtime since I wanted to have it !!!

I hesitated a lot because I heard everything about fruit trees (for example, it attracts wasps,insects and birds). It is then that one of my suppliers advises me the nursery of Enghien.

Interested, I decided to participate as a family at one of their open houses. And there, I fell in love with the place and the perfect reception of the couple owner. I spent half a day listening, noting the thousands of tips, visiting the thousands of fruit trees and finally enjoying the fruit and juice ... a wonderful day.

So I decided to buy 18 trees (pear, vines, apple and cherry), to distribute them between the houseand the workshop. As I am developing a new project for next year, my trell iseswill serve me well.

I already had to cut them to follow the valuable advice of the nurserywoman, and I should go to a second training next year to learn how to take good care of trees.

This is part of my philosophy and logic of life: living in nature, but also using it, whether through juice or pastry. My absolute dream: would be to live almost in self-sufficiency with nature ...


Asia in Pairi Daiza

My inspirations ...

As you know, I love going to Pairi Daiza, and I'm never alone. Always with my children who, I must say, inspire me a lot by the purity of the expression they express when they discover new things. If there is magic on this planet, it is in the water that it is and the children are here to remind you!

Here is the world of Asia at Pairi Daiza. Around the fish pond, where you can pet and feed them, young and old are fascinated, amazed by the richness of the environment and the magic of nature. An open-air aquarium, which houses a multitude of giant fish, in a sublime decor, where you can admire, touch and dream ....


The art of boxwood

It's been two years since my passion for boxwood began.

I like the texture of boxwood, but also their appearance and above all, their flexibility to achieve a lot of beautiful things with them.

I am far from having a garden worthy of topiary art, but, with time, I hope to get there. Here, I simply made a kind of a border with rounded shapes. I love the symmetry on which we can play by the incorporation of pretty vases. Eventually, I would like to make sculptures with these boxwoods, for that, I just bought two new books on the topiary art that I read as soon as I have time for me.

I hope to share this with you!



My inspirations

What is more soothing than the beneficial energy of vegetation?

I always grew up in the countryside, I like gardens, walks in the forest. This is a place where I find myself when I want to lose myself ... So here I am back, and on this occasion, I had a crazy desire to create my green space, an ideal place to refocus, hands in the earth, smells. I first had an increased need for flowers, always with a green / white and red color code (so indirectly an artistic search oriented towards an atmosphere of simplicity). Surrounded by plants, we feel good. When I started to create my own way, I explored the different components of a garden, and I discovered its real size and complexity. In this sense, the garden is a tool of humility and the source of a new knowledge, and therefore a new source of inspiration ...



Today, I'm talking about detox, because spring is the perfect time to start.

It's been three years since I moved my studio to the countryside. Since then, he has changed constantly, sometimes in a practical way, sometimes in an artistic way. This year, I envisage a further step, to make it even more in my image and perhaps to make it discover to the public!

Today, even if it's holiday in Belgium, I have not resisted the temptation to rework my collection Gatsby, because in a few days it will be placed as a table of honor!

Art pasionate


I believe that art is a therapy (for both the performer and the receiver). I believe that we are able to see truth, beauty, and wealth both in us and around us. And when we take the means to achieve them, we are completely fulfilled.