Explanation: Set up of the Countryside centerpiece


A countryside table is a reflection of a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, where charm and nature are one.

Pics by You&Eye in a beautiful place of Villers-La-Ville in Belgium

It took me 2 months of work to find the accessories, because each object has a place and a specific objective, whether by shape or color.

We count on this table 6 different accessories:

First candlesticks, 2 identical Baroque style accompanied by four candlesticks of different shapes.

A bottle of purple whiskey, signed George Washington: by its color and shape, it brings a subtle note of purple is the dominant color of this table. It is found on almost every accessory!

The glass bell I bloomed inside. Object "it" since a few years in the field of decoration, I thought why not integrate it into a centerpiece!

You find the realization of the glass bell on https://www.facebook.com/dineinstyle.be/videos/1533215340124538/

A carpet of greenery carefully placed to give a relief on our table, accompanied by three floral arrangements in copper planters. Here is one of the achievements if you would like to redo it: https://www.facebook.com/dineinstyle.be/videos/1523999911046081/

I hope you like it, feel free to leave your comments!

Beautiful day