It's been three years since I moved my studio to the countryside. Since then, he has changed constantly, sometimes in a practical way, sometimes in an artistic way. This year, I envisage a further step, to make it even more in my image and perhaps to make it discover to the public!

As my creativity is at the highest and the good weather is at the rendez-vous, I looked at the facade. I try to get as many artistic messages as possible that anyone who looks at them could interpret in their own way.

I started with the front façade. It's been several years since I tried to contribute in my own way to the various movements that advocate respect for the planet, both by looking for the products directly from producers or small artisans, that by sorting waste ... I wanted this use natural pigments that I ordered and mixed with wheat flour, linseed oil, liquid soap and iron sulphate. I cooked all that and I must say that it was just magic to make it but also to use it. I just struggled to bring out my green color ... maybe the choice of pigment!

I used pigments to paint this hummingbird!

On my right a couple stork: I wanted to use the technique called « graffiti mousse ». Unfortunately to date, I have no results. I have a little idea , ​​why it id happening ! either the heat or the foam used. So I will redo the mixture, but I already wanted to share this with you!

Feel free to beautify your cocoons ...