Art pasionate


I am a naturalist

I believe that art is a therapy (for both the performer and the receiver). I believe that we are able to see truth, beauty, and wealth both in us and around us. And when we take the means to achieve them, we are completely fulfilled.

I also believe that we are vulnerable, complicated and dependent on a system that sometimes weakens us.

I am an artist

I spent the beginning of my career traveling through England, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, where my work consisted of the commercial representation of Belgian know-how. This involved the organization of seminars and a market study. It was interesting work, besides the technical aspect of the work, it was based on the human aspect, being able to adapt to other cultures. They were very powerful but at the same time exhausting, my body and my soul weakened.

And then ... I had a period of reflection or naturally painting made me feel good, my own therapy, where we stop thinking about ourselves,  we share,  we open. Since then, I have continued to practice it through drawing, sculpture, scenery creation as if my life depended on it. I opened a first site Dine In Style, I collaborate in the decoration of a store, centers of tables for restaurants. I love Instagram and Pinterest.

Artists are human beings who are not afraid to make mistakes

Gradually, I realized that I do not deny the world of the international, I continue to listen, observe, analyze, manage emotions, except the difference that now I dedicate to the artistic world. Identical but more powerful impact.