Today, I'm talking about detox, because spring is the perfect time to start.

As you know, the color of spring is green, it is the color of life, symbolized by photosynthesis, the bioenergetic process to create life. It is also the color of our fourth chakra, the heart chakra, located in the middle of the chest and which is characterized by harmony, stability, balance and compassion (which we will work during the 7th April and 13th April). Finally, for Chinese medicine, the green is associated with the organs of spring, including the liver, which ensures harmoniously the free flow of energy in the body.

In early 2019, I tested a 7 week Ayurvedic detox, each week focusing on 1 chakra.

For those who are not familiar with the chakras, we have 7, each symbolized by a color. Chakras are impossible to see with the naked eye, but old emotions, unresolved problems, poor nutrition or a lot of stress close the chakras and prevent energy from circulating well in the body. Diseases are manifestations of an imbalance between the chakras.

My first week was difficult but it gave me a lot, not only at the level of my body, but also for the realization of TRUE taste. However, as in all detox, it is important to listen to your body: for my part, it gave me the signal to stop at the 5th week. If you're interested, I'll write a more detailed article on this detox.

Today, instead of spring detox at home and in you. Before swimming in happiness, we must do the "great cleaning" of spring! Sort your clothes, but also your objects and furniture. Do not throw away right away, see if it is not possible to repair or transform to boost your creativity and confidence.

For the rest, clothes can be brought in some stores such as H & M, & Other Stories or Cyrillus. In the key, a good discount will be offered to you and a dose of well-being for our planet.

After attacking your home, place to you! It is about evacuating negative thoughts towards you and others. Not so simple ... I can only recommend meditation or writing, making a list of things that distress you. The mere fact of writing them, seeing them and sometimes reading them again will help you to put things into perspective, to realize that everything is already much better than you think.

Try to think of one thing at a time, to be "present" in what you do. For me, the awareness of the present has been difficult to feel, but thanks to Maria and his techniques, it's a real unlock!

Finally, let's finish with our body. First, try to stop smoking, drink too much coffee and alcohol ... but do it gently, for example by replacing the excessive number of cups with green tea coffee. Also favor foods that facilitate elimination or that fight against toxins: artichokes, beets, seaweed ...

Again, make a list of things you have to say goodbye without regret. Take a nice notebook with a nice pen with different colors, and write, draw, ... As you go, you will see all the place you do to welcome good things ...