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Tips for a head table under control

A wedding is a unique event. When planning your wedding, there are things that are useful to know, things that you need to know, ... and then things that you would have liked to know.

Today, I'm going to tell you about this last category, so that, after reading this article, you will say "I'm so happy that someone told me!" rather than "if only I had known".

Who to sit at the head table?


... you sit at the head table the bride and groom, the best men and bridesmaids and their spouses. It is also common to sit brothers and sisters and close friends of the bride and groom at this table, and possibly the parents of the bride and groom.

Table of honor with the witnesses

The best men and bridesmaids and their spouses are seated at the head table with the bride and groom. You can add close friends of the bride and groom and / or their siblings. One or more "privileged" tables can also be installed next to / near the head table, to sit the parents of the newlyweds.

For these "privileged" tables, there is a certain freedom: either you mix the families (with, for example, the father of the groom and the mother of the bride together), or you separate the families (with one or two parents at each table), and you sit at these tables the guests that you want to honor, other family members and / or close friends of the bride' or the groom's parents.

Family head honor

Alternatively, it is also possible to have a head table with the close family of the bride and groom: the parents of the newlyweds, their siblings, and possibly their grandparents. Remember then to install the best men and bridesmaids at a "privileged" table just next to the head table so that they also feel valued.

The little tricks and more ...

Set up the head table at a location where the bride and groom can be seen by all guests, for example in the center or even on a platform, so that everyone can feel close to them in this unique moment.

Remember also to differentiate the head table from other tables, by decorating it differently (for example, by choosing a different centerpiece, placing distinctive signs on the wedding chair, etc.), so that all eyes are turned naturally to this one!

Is it reasonable to make and / or install the decoration yourself?

I suggest talking to your site coordinator to see if the venue is available in the days before your wedding. If no event is planned during the days before, you can easily come the day before, or a few days before, and decorate the room and dress the tables with the decoration you have made yourself.

If this is not possible, you may be able to leave your decoration with the site coordinator, so that he or she can install it for you with his / her team if he / she offers this service.

Or, alternatively, you can hire a master of ceremonies to coordinate the day and do what you can not do. This is a great option, because you can agree with him and go through all the details well before the wedding, to make sure you agree on everything and that the wedding will run as if you you had coordinated it yourself, from the setting up of the decoration to the feeling of the guests arriving.

Be careful, do not underestimate the work that represents the decoration of your venue, whether for the preparation of the decoration or its installation. The preparation of the decoration can very quickly become a nightmare: you do not find the object you want, you do not arrive at the result you want, the quality is not there, the prices are excessive. The search for the unique object that looks like you quickly can take months, until the day you have to install everything. You are warned!

To conclude ...

If you are a master of organization, I say yes ... However, even if you have made a perfect schedule, taking into account the unforeseen and the imponderable, there will always be a risk that cannot be calculated or planned, and that will raise your stress level which is already at a fairly high level with the approach of marriage. Key work here: delegate, make sketches, test your table, make sure you have the right quantities, and finally have some of the work done by your best men and bridesmaids (for example the seating plan of tables). So your makeup artist will not have to hide your dark circles for the big day! Last tip, do not forget to count 30 minutes of installation for a guest table and 1 hour for the head table!

How to be sure to decorate well your head table?

I found that the easiest way to decorate a head table is to focus on the colors of your wedding, with simple floral arrangements at the center of the table. Focus your decorating effort on the head table, because it is on this one that all the eyes of your guests will be riveted! If you are more in search of authenticity for a table that looks like you, then ask yourself what touches you: it can vary endlessly, a film that always touched you, a photo in a magazine, a song, a country ... Once you have found the idea that suits you, always start with a sketch of your head table to anchor your ideas. For example, if I want to use India as a theme, I will put a giant white elephant in the center of the table, accompanied by yellow flowers with a multitude of glass jars containing candles and rose petals of different colors. If you are looking for perfection, you can opt for colored glasses as reminders of the atmosphere you are creating, but also specific napkins and napkin rings, so that you will amaze your guests thanks to the decoration of your table. 

How to play on the harmony of colors?

"The color code of a wedding should not include more than four colors": apparently, it's a rule.

But what if your wedding is on the theme of India and includes a multitude of colors that largely exceed the limit of four? Whenever I was told this rule, it made me nervous. What if I have colored tablecloths, gold candle holders, and a range of other objects in other shades. Is it possible to apply a full range of colors, or is it just too much?

It's all about balance. Balance your colors to achieve the effect you are looking for. Have a basic color, and incorporate other colors to complement and enhance your theme. Use complementary colors (but do not try to use colors that do not match your basic color, it will make you feel out of place). For example, use complementary colors for your Indian wedding such as reds, golds, pinks, oranges and whites. This is already five colors, but for a wedding on the theme of India, these colors are complementary and work well. If you want to use additional colors, do not hesitate to use a color chart that you will find easily on the net.

What are the standard dimensions of a head table?

For your guests and yourself to be comfortable, it takes about 45cm of width per person.

Number of people Diameter of the table (cm) Diameter of the tablecloth

8 people - 130 diameter table - 180 diameter tablecloth

10 people - 150 diameter table - 200 diameter tablecloth

12 people - 185 diameter table - 235 diameter tablecloth

Why take a professional decorator?

Most people are able to decorate an event. However, a professional decorator will have the experience to create a very beautiful space, and will be able to put together things that really work well in practice in this space. A professional decorator will make sure that the colors match, that the trends that you like are followed and above all will have the creative ability to make your decoration amazing and your wedding unique.

A good decorator will also work closely with you to ensure that your wishes and requirements for colors and / or themes are met.

What is the concept of "Table d'honneur" by Dine In Style?

I know the work that decorating a table represents: sometimes you have thousands of ideas, without knowing how to implement them without doing too much.

Stress is much more important when it comes to someone's own wedding, because everyone dreams of a "unique" wedding. However, stress and creation of a decoration do not generally go well together, because under stress your creativity takes a big hit!

For this reason, and in line with what Dine in Style does for the rental of table decorations for your events, I thought why not go for the decoration of head tables, always with the same rental formula and all-inclusive installation. And I took my pencils and my camera to help you discover my first three head tables!