INSPIRATION: Pairi Daiza, a paradize that's inpire me...


Friday, It feels like the weekend!

Today, I make you rediscover Pairi Daiza again! As you know, I love this place, first of all for the inspirations I find there, whether for my work or my garden! I love to walk in Asia, through this beautiful garden with the atmosphere that it gives off. I also draw a lot of inspiration, whether for the flowers or the layout of my own garden, trying to do the same in a less superfice :!

Then, every month, there are surprises: for example, the new area of multicolored umbrellas that give new artistic perspectives. But also, the animals: we finally managed to be on time to admire the seals!

And to finish the new dinosaur corner, which still fascinates my children!

Thank you for creating such a beautiful place!

I hope the photos will talk to you too! Have a lovely weekend !