INSPIRATION: Essential oil



Here is the creation that I had the idea during my summer vacation.

Always in my green way of life, respect for nature and general wellbeing, I am creating my pharmacy of essential oils and Bachflowers.

In this context,I wanted to highlight them with a cardboard furniture, with a variation of triangular compartments, that I complete with a clear varnish.

I use them daily, for a pain, a care or just the pleasure of the smell. When I have some time, I also made some mixtures, especially to experiment with a variety of scented oils with a beneficial effect on mood. What is great when we made a shampoo for example, is the texture and the pleasure of the smell (a good perfume is a cocktail of memories and emotions), but also beautiful colors, which naturally meets my artistic world.

I have two books that identify me, one on the essential oils and the other on the Bachflowers.

Take care of yourself!